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Shot Glasses made from beer Bottles | Repurposed Glass

Handcrafted from Amber Beer Bottles. A beautiful addition to your Party Glasses. The recyced wood base has a Foodgrade ruber sealing. They can be seperated & & washed. The shooters come in a set of 2 upto 24 Shot Glasses.


Custom Order | Wholesale :

Shot Glasses made from beer Bottles | Party Shooters

    • Handcrafted from the Tops of beer bottles.
    • Diamond Cut, Grinded & Sanded
    • Makes a wonderful Eco friendly Set to own or Gift
  • Making Time: 1 - 3 Days

    Shipping Options:                                                                                          Standard Shipping: 5 - 9 Business Days                                                  Express Shipping: 2 - 4 Business Days

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