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Repurposed Jagermeister Bottle Succulent Planter | Serving Dish Bowl


This Reciclar Design planter has been made from the famous Jagermeister bottles: diamond cut, sanded, polished and beveled leaving a smooth finish with no rough or sharp edges. 


My Story
I walked all the way from Berlin to New York. I had no more precious herbal fuel left. It was time to go to the Reciclar Factory, only this time they turned me into Succulent planter for your kitchen window.


Custom | Bulk:

Repurposed Jagermeister Bottle Succulent Planter Pot | Serving Dish Bowl

    • Beautiful Green 750 ml Jaggermiester Bottle
    • Diamond Cut, Grinded & Sanded
    • Great for Kitchen Herb Garden | Office Desk Planter
  • Making Time: 1 - 3 Days

    Shipping Time:

    Standard: 4 -9 Business Days

    Express: 2 - 4 Business Days

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